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Webster Technique

What is Webster Technique?

Are you seeking a more comfortable pregnancy or looking to get your body ready for labor and delivery? The Webster Technique was developed by Dr. Larry Webster in 1978 – the same year our clinic was founded! It is a technique specific to chiropractic that is designed to provide balance to the muscles and ligaments of the pelvis, creating space for the baby to get in the best position for birth – head down.

First, the doctor will analyze the sacrum, then deliver a gentle, specific adjustment to restore pelvic alignment. Soft tissue work on the surrounding muscles and ligaments will follow. Proper alignment of the pelvis allows for a safer and more comfortable birth for both mom + baby!

When do you start Webster Technique?

We recommend seeing a chiropractor during pregnancy as early as the first trimester, but we start Webster Technique at 30 weeks.

How often should I come?

Frequency depends on individual need, but if we are working to improve space in the pelvis to allow for a better baby position, we recommend once per week.

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